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Our role is to provide counsel and guidance as you navigate your way forward when an interpersonal relationship ends or becomes complicated. In trying times you need to trust that you have a team to rely on throughout the process who can answer your questions, assist you to make good decisions, advocate on your behalf, and help to meet your ultimate vision of closure. With the help of Marchetti Family Lawyers, you should be able to reach a resolution with the confidence that there are better days ahead.

We understand and respect that every family has different needs and priorities and that everyone faces different challenges. While we skillfully identify your legal issues, we know that you are much more than those legal issues.

There is no one definition of family. Marchetti Family Law believes in diversity and inclusion. Every family is welcome here

Resolutions Occur Via

We encourage clients to explore alternative conflict resolution options to litigation whenever possible. Resolutions that parties reach together have the best chance of long-term success, with minimal conflict. Parties who have contributed towards the terms of their settlement are more invested in its success. 

“I’m particularly passionate about parenting issues, and about collaborative practice, where I feel the interest-based approach to conflict resolution can offer long-lasting results for families.”

Christine Ann Marchetti